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Included in our Lean-To kits:


  • Double/ triple roof vents (easily automated)
  • Hand crafted louvered cedar basewall vents-necessary for ventilation
  • 6' high eave walls (sidewalls)
  • Cedar-Built custom door (Dutch Door available)
  • 6mm triple walled Polycarbonate roof and sidewalls
  • Clear acrylic plexiglass window option available
  • 30" cedar tongue and groove cedar basewall with tapered window sill
  • All hardware & easy to follow instructions
  • Pre-fabrication of all parts

Cedar-Built Lean-To styles can be assembled as deck enclosures, patio rooms or garden rooms.  Designed with the ledger beam attached on the 4x4 posts (included), they support their own weight, merely butting up and attaching to your existing structure.

Constructed with 4x4 timber frame design our do-it-yourself kits are substantial.  Three ply 2x10 Ledger Beam results in a structure which will stand up to the severest weather.  This is the sturdiest, most economical cedar Lean-To on the market today!

Resistant to decay and insects, Western Red Cedar is world renowned & much sought after for its beauty and aroma. We use only the highest grades of clear,Canadian knot free cedar.

Cedar Construction: constructed of mainly clear select grade beautiful Coastal Canadian Western Red Cedar, our greenhouses are second to none in beauty, durability, and value.

Professionally designed:    Our greenhouses are designed by an award winning professional designer with over 30 years of  experience in architectural and structural design..

Ventilation:  Large double or triple roof vents incorporated into each greenhouse which can be easily automated.  Cedar louvered basewall vents add to your greenhouse passive ventilation.  

High Side Walls:  Six foot high side walls designed for optimum sun exposure and great utilization for plant space.and shelving. The high sidewall provides more headroom for benching and adds to the air volume, an important aspect of growing structures.  The glazing is supported on window mullions and rafters with Western Red Cedar glazing trim/cedar bar caps, adding detail to accent the natural wood beauty.  Height can be customized.

Covering/Glazing:  6mm twin walled polycarbonate is our standard glazing.  If you prefer clear glazing we suggest clear acrylic unbreakable Plexiglass.  Either option is offered on our prices page.

18" or 30" Cedar Basewalls: high insulation value as well as beautiful.  Canadian Western Red Cedar 2 x 4 framing and  1 x 4  T&G Select Western Red Cedar vertical siding exterior.  Store garden articles under your benches knowing they are not visible from the outside. .

Doors: hand crafted cedar doors with matching glazing design.  We also offer a Dutch Door option.  Dutch Doors are split doors in which half can be left open, while leaving the other half closed.  Dutch doors promote ventilation while protecting your greenhouse from unwanted visitors.

Sloped window sills:  perimeter 2x6 shaped exterior window sill adds detail and flow to the design.  Sloped for rain run off.


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