We manufacture beautiful sturdy Western Red Cedar greenhouse benches.

We can design benches to any length or style. 

Single or double shelves, L shaped, U shaped and soil benches.  Many variations available.  Tell us what you are looking for.   The 8' wide greenhouse kits utilize 26" wide benches.  Kits 10' and wider utilize 38" wide benches.

Bayliss Mk. 7 Heavy Duty Triple Spring Autovent Unit

  • These roof vent openers will automatically open your roof vents when it gets too warm in your greenhouse and close again when it cools down, without the need of an external power source
  • Adustable opening temperature (55-75°F) range; Uses little headroom (3" from the actual glass and 13" long).
  • Very Strong.  Lifts up to 32 lb vent.
  • Strong 6.5 lb return spring to help prevent wind damage.
  • corrosion resistant material
  • full guarantee 2 years

The new model with extra springs on this autovent give a closing force of approx 1.8kg (4lbs)

$165.00 our low price

$125.00 (when ordered wiith greenhouse kit)

One vent opener required per double roof vent